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We enable technology businesses to commercialise and scale quickly using our in-house technical expertise and experienced commercial team. The Isle of Man is an ideal location to prove business concepts.

Our assets and capabilities

Vannin Ventures has a number of assets which enable it to partner effectively with entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses. In December 2016 Vannin Ventures acquired Partitionware to provide in-house technical expertise. Partitionware has a proven track record of innovation and success, using a modular approach to build bespoke solutions for operators, service providers and MVNOs. Partitionware are experts at connecting the web, IoT and Telco worlds.

Vannin Venture’s parent is Manx Telecom, an AIM-listed operator with a proven track record of innovation. Manx Telecom provides a straightforward route to funding and market reach, relationships and access to expert resource that other incubators can’t match.

The Vannin Ventures team has a wide reach of commercial skills covering marketing, strategy, product management, regulation, wholesale, pricing and contract negotiation. This is combined with a dynamic, agile approach to making your business successful.

The Isle of Man is an ideal test bed for innovation

With a population of 85,000 but a socio-economic structure which makes it highly relatable to the UK the Isle of Man is a fantastic location to trial products and services prior to a larger scale launch.

Enjoying 30 years of unbroken economic growth the Isle of Man has a creative and supportive government, committed to making the Island an attractive location for start-ups and more established business to prosper.

The scale and sympathetic regime of the Island means that ideas can be executed quickly and effectively, so you have a faster route to revenue and a great platform to develop and scale concepts.

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Three things you need from a partner

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Taking responsibility for decisions made and clearly explaining the reasons for them.



Making decisions quickly and confidently to ensure the best possible outcome in driving your business forward.


Building the technical architecture and the relationships your business needs to flourish.

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